"I have been working with Rita for a few weeks. Although I am still feeling so upset by many ongoing issues in my life, knowing my bills are at least paid and in order makes me feel a lot less vulnerable on a few levels. Rita has become a very meaningful part of my life. Thank you." E.

"I had made several choices which led to a considerable amount of debt, and with my crazy work schedule I was regularly over-drafting my checking account. Money management became a loathsome chore that needed much more focus then I wanted or could give to it.  I reached out to Rita who very attentively worked with me on a budget and the needed structure for my spending. Due to her I not only have money left in my account at the end of the month, I am making  progress in paying back my debts, and no longer see overdraft or late fees notices. This is a huge improvement, and provided a benefit to my life overall." C.

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