All services will be fully tailored to your needs and are provided in your home, any other preferred location in the Portland metro area, or remotely. Due to the current situation with the Coronavirus, I am offering only remote services via phone or video call until further notice. 

For more details on the different types of services, click on the categories below.


I can support everybody with a need for assistance:

  • People who need guidance in finding and achieving their financial goals: You will get the knowledge and methods for reaching your dreams,

  • Seniors: You might feel confused or overburdened with all the tasks involved in handling your finances and daily tasks. You want to have an extra level of protection against senior targeted frauds. 

  • Adult children helping their parents: You are living too far away from them or you do not have enough time.

  • Shopping/gambling/alcohol addicts who are in the progress of stopping their addiction: You need to control your spending habits and adjust to a budget

  • People in transition phases like divorces or downsizing: You need hands-on help in getting your budget updated and your finances managed in the new situation.

  • Chronically disorganized people: You need ongoing help in organizing your financial and household paper.

  • Expatriates: You need assistance in handling your finances and your family’s daily life in a new country. 

  • Widows/widowers: You are not used to handling your finances after the loss of your spouse. 

  • Busy professionals and their families: You want to enjoy your free time without thinking of boring administrative tasks.

  • Those who lack the time for paperwork

  • Overwhelmed individuals


Having your finances and household administration organized can give you confidence and peace of mind so you can fully enjoy your life, and you have the energy to address other challenges and projects.

Using my services can help you avoid:

  • Late payments and associated fees

  • Losing important documents, needed for taxation or insurance claims

  • Forgetting important reminders or bills in a pile of mail

  • Missing deadlines for renewing insurance policies

  • Overspending, because you don't have a budget

  • Becoming an easy fraud victim

  • Missing important appointments

  • Not finding your documents because they are not organized

  • Losing your digital data because there is no backup


Serving Portland, Beaverton, Hillsboro

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