• People who feel stressed and overloaded by all their responsibilities at work and within their family: you want to outsource your household and financial administration.

  • People who need guidance in finding and achieving their financial goals: You will get the knowledge and methods for reaching your dreams.

  • Seniors: You might feel confused or overburdened with all the tasks involved in handling your money and other daily tasks. You want to have an extra level of protection against senior targeted frauds. 

  • Adult children helping their parents: You are living far away from the parents or you don't have enough time.

  • Shopping/gambling/alcohol addicts in the progress of stopping their addiction: You need to control your spending habits and learn how to live on a budget.

  • People in transition phases like divorces or downsizing: You need hands-on help in getting your budget updated and your finances managed in the new situation.

  • Chronically disorganized people: You need ongoing help in organizing your financial and household paper.

  • Expatriates: You need assistance in handling your finances and your family’s life in a new country. 

  • Widows/widowers: You don't know how to handle your finances after the loss of your spouse.  

  • Busy professionals and their families: You want to enjoy your free time without thinking of boring administrative tasks.

  • Those who lack the time for paperwork

  • Overwhelmed individuals


Covid19 update (October16th 2020): To protect your health as best as possible, SDS Smart Daily Services is following the CDC- and OHA-guidelines for safe practices. The availability of face-to-face appointments is currently limited:

  • Portland metro area phase 0: Only remote services are provided

  • Portland metro area phase 1: Services are still provided remotely. If a physical visit during the initiation process for a new client is required, a client meeting following the guidelines for social distancing will be held.

  • Portland metro area phase 2: The preferred way of delivering the services is remote. Upon client request, a physical client meeting can be arranged, following the guidelines for social distancing. 

For more details, check the Coronavirus policy of SDS Smart Daily Services.


Start your Journey

A perfect start if you are unsure about your own situation and need an analysis of your financial well-being.

After this package, you can either continue your journey on your own, or you can use Daily Money Management services or Financial Coaching as support.

Navigation Help

As your financial coach, I am your consultant and companion on the route towards your financial goals in your life.

Together we are defining a plan and you are getting the guidance and empowerment for keeping the direction and making the right decisions.

Your Co-pilot

This is the best option, if you need more support and want me to take over the daily money management tasks, like budgeting, spending tracking,  or debt reduction. 

You can use your time for other important things in your life and enjoy the peace of mind.



Do you need support outside your personal finances. I can add the following services - either on an ongoing base or project-based:

  • Checking and maintaining personal calendar: SDS will check the calendar and set-up reminders for important appointments

  • Organizing and creating filing systems for important household information and documents: SDS will create a filing system which works best for the client.

  • Helping with filing insurance claims: SDS will prepare the insurance claim together with the client.

  • Helping to organize special events like dinners, parties or vacations

  • Coordinating special projects: SDS will help the client with the organization and coordination of extraordinary projects like relocation, home remodeling or downsizing


  • start planning your financial goals

  • save money and reduce debt

  • get rid of "money stress"

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