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Today starts the America Saves week 2019: Check the Online Toolkit to plan YOUR savings

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

America Saves Week 2019

Today is the start of the America Saves Week 2019! During this week you will get many useful resources for a successful savings plan. As a start you should check out the online toolkit Save with a Plan: 10 Tips So Your Future Self Will Thank You .

Each day of the week will provide tips to a different topic:

  • Tuesday, February 26th: Save the easy way…automatically - how to use automatic transfers to ensure you achieve your savings target

  • Wednesday, February 27th: Save for the unexpected - building up an emergency fund

  • Thursday, February 28th: Save to retire- ensure you have enough money to live during retirement

  • Friday, March 1st: Save the extra - don't spend all the extra money you are getting from bonuses or tax refunds

  • Saturday, March 2nd: Save as a family - tips on getting children to save money

In addition to those topics, many tips can be found on the website of from America Saves.

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