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Are you often wondering where all the money went? “I have a decent salary, but I just spend everything, I even have debts on my credit cards”.

Have you tried budgeting and achieving savings targets, but you continuously fail to implement them?

Do you need a plan and guidance in achieving your personal goals and dreams, so you get to live your financial freedom?

Are you new to the situation of managing your money, for example after a divorce or the death of the spouse/partner?

If the answer is yes, a Financial Coach can help you!


As a money coach, I am acting as a consultant and companion helping you to identify goals you have in your life and figure out how those reflect on your personal finances, develop a plan to reach those goals, and finally motivate you and hold you accountable to executing that plan. It is a similar relationship as to a personal trainer in sports (gym, running, etc). The focus is on analyzing your current situation and your daily behavior related to money and making suggestions for improvements.

I put much of effort into finding a method which is fitting to the working style and the personality of my client, as this is crucial for the success. There is simply no "one size fits all" solution. If you start following a methodology that is not suitable for you, you will fail!

The goal is to teach you how to do it, so you will get empowered to manage your money on your own.


Both services focus on personal finances (analysis, budgets, spending control, planning, etc.) BUT

• A Daily Money Manager focuses on the execution of the tasks, by either doing the them for you or together with you.
• A Personal Finance Coach is analyzing your situation and giving directions on how to do the tasks by yourself.

In some situations it is beneficial to get both services at the same time:
If you want to start paying back your debts without any delay and need strong control of your spending, a combination of Daily Money Management services and Personal Finance Coaching is the most powerful combination. It allows a quick start, combined with education, and followed by a transition into self-management, at a pace fitting to your individual situation.
In case you are completely new to personal finances, you might want to learn by watching a Daily Money Manager handling the tasks as a first step. Once you are ready to take-over, the focus can shift to the Financial Coaching.

SDS Smart Daily Services has the knowledge for offering Daily Money Management Services and Personal Financial Coaching so we can find a tailored solution for you!


1. During a free 15-minute Q&A call, I will figure out the best offering for you. Sometimes the Jump-Start Package might be the best way to start our cooperation, or we will start directly with a regular Financial Coaching Package.

2. After this step, you can sign-up for a 3-month coaching package (click for details). All coaching programs for new clients are three-month units (it takes some time to change habits and get results). I will tailor the content and target of the package to your situation. Below are some examples

  • Starter package: Most of the focus is on education. We will choose one or two topics to work on and getting you competent in those selected areas

  • Budgeting and spending control package: Through situation analysis and step-by-step guidance you will make your way to improvements

  • Getting out of the “paycheck to paycheck” cycle: We will find ways on how to change your money habits so that you can build up an emergency fund and /or accomplish saving targets

  • Finding your personal financial freedom: For each of us “financial freedom” means something different. We will explore your dreams for your future are and how you can achieve them. You will get the steps allowing you to actually live your personal financial freedom.

We will have the consultations will at a defined interval (usually weekly during the first 6 weeks and bi-weekly after that). You will get tests, guidelines, an action plan, and email support for reaching your goal.

Optionally you can add Daily Money Management Services (charged by the hour of actual work).

3. As an established client, you can either add another 3-month package or book regular follow-up meetings (once or twice a month).

In case you need assistance with managing your daily life (e.g. calendar, mail, special projects), check our offering of Personal Assistant services.


Prices for the packages are:

  • 3-month coaching package: The price is $995 (with virtual workshop sessions) - $1115 (with face-to-face workshop sessions)

  • Follow-up package: $159 - $299 per month, depending on consultancy amount

​​While this might seem like a huge sum, you have to consider the price of a package as an investment in your financial future. As you will get more skilled and can avoid costly mistakes in the future, its price will payback!


  • start planning your financial goals

  • save money and reduce debt

  • get rid of "money stress"

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