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Many Situations can lead to Financial Stress...

Interested in finding out more?


  • start planning your financial goals

  • save money and reduce debt

  • get rid of "money stress"

Do you recognize yourself (or you and your partner) in one of the following statements?

"I have too many things ongoing in my life, I don't have the time for boring paperwork related to my finances"

"I have a decent income and still I am living paycheck-to-paycheck, I am not able to save any money"

"I tried hard to manage my money, but I simply do never succeed"

"I want to control and improve my spending habits"

"I don't care about managing my money, I want to use the time for nicer things in my life"

'My parents are getting older and they need help with money management, but I don't have the time for doing it, I am busy with my own life"

"I want to learn how to better handle my money"

My customers are hard-working people (individuals or couples) like you! With my help, they understand how to become smart with money. I am with them during the journey to a better financial life. Getting help with the overwhelming chore of money management reduces the stress in your life and brings peace of mind to you and your family.


I can provide all my services either in-home, at your preferred location in the Portland metro area, or as a remote service. Languages available are English, German, and Finnish.

Whatever your situation is today, I would like to hear from you!

"Hi, I am Rita, your Money Coach and Daily Money Manager!

Are you stressed with handling your money? Do you lack the knowledge and/or advice?

I know how you feel! The experience of feeling lost after my relocation to the United States made me realize how essential good guidance and support can be.

Let me be YOUR guide and get rid of the stress."

My services:

Start your Journey

A perfect start, if you are unsure about your own situation and need an analysis of your financial well-being. Together with we will evaluate your financial situation and I will provide you with valuable insights.

After this package, you can either continue your journey on your own, or you can use Daily Money Management services as an ongoing support.

Get ongoing support

I can either be a coach and help you achieving your financial goals in your life - as your companion I show you the right directions. Or I can take over the daily money management tasks, like budgeting, spending tracking, or debt reduction. 

You get a solid plan, you are able to use your time for other important things in your life, and you will enjoy the peace of mind.

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