Tax filing - it can be less painful!

February 14, 2018


You are just about starting your tax return or gathering together the needed documents for your tax advisor. You are sure that this is a quick task you can do just before you will head to the grocery store. But then real story begins: Where have you put the W2 you got in the mail last week? Did you already get the tax statements from your investment broker? How much of value were your donations you made to Goodwill last summer? Where is the receipt of the cash donation for the PTA? And the list continues.... Finally you do the grocery shopping first and spend the next weekend in digging through your office, searching for all the required documents.


If this sounds familiar to you, it might be time NOW for improving your document organization and household bookkeeping. This might save you from the above experience next year. 


Should you need assistance, SDS Smart Daily Services is supporting your efforts with a tax season offer:




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