Be aware of scams because of new Medicare cards

Don't get fooled, scams around new Medicare cards are in season now! What you need to know:

Medicare is replacing all cards with updated cards. On the new cards there will no longer be the social security number displayed, instead there is identifier consisting of 11 letters and numbers. This is done in order to increase the security. However, the process of the replacement poses a very high risk for scams, as AARP reported recently.

All people enrolled in Medicare will receive a new card. However, the date of mailing varies widely and all the cards will be sent between April 2018 and April 2019. According to the mailing schedule enrolled members in Oregon will receive their new card in May 2018, in the state of Washington the shipment is starting after June 2018.

  • Are you getting a call from somebody claiming to be from Medicare, and asking for your Social Security number or bank information for the verification of the card? Hang up - this is a scam.

  • Is someone asking you to pay for your new card? That’s a scam. Your new Medicare card is free.

  • Are you getting threatened to cancel your benefits if you don’t give up information or money? Also this is a scam. New Medicare cards will be mailed out to you automatically. And there won’t be any changes to your benefits.

  • Some other scammers might be telling you that you are owed a refund from transactions on the old card and then asking for bank account information to process the reimbursement. Medicare will never ask an enrollee for a bank account number, and no refunds are owed.

Check the Medicare page for finding more information about how to handle your new card and how to avoid being scammed!


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