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Fall is approaching quickly - get ready for the long dark evenings!

Would you rather prefer doing paperwork for you finances or reading a good book, explore a magazine, or play a game?

Hire a Daily Money Manager now - get a $75 gift card from Barnes&Noble!

Enjoy more free time and stay on top of your finances.

Offer valid for new customers only . Gift card will be sent after the first 3 paid hours of service. Offer expires 10/31/2020.


Do you want to use the time for nicer things in your life than caring your money and the related paperwork?

Do your work life, your children, and free-time activities keep you too busy, so you never think about how much money you have and whether you could save something for future goals?

Do you wonder every month where all the money went, and if any unexpected spending is coming up you have to put it on your credit card?

Do you think you are not good at handling your money since you have never learned it?

If the answer is yes, a Daily Money Manager can help you! A Daily Money Manager can take many tasks out of your responsibility, so you can enjoy your life AND have your finances under control.


You can choose from a variety of services:

  • Coordinating and overseeing bill payments: ensure timely bill payments, set-up automatic payments (e.g. for utilities), prepare checks for signature

  • Keeping your records and provide you regular reports so you keep the overview on you finances

  • Taking care of your household payroll

  • Implementing spending control: use a prepaid card with spending restrictions on the allowance

  • Balancing checkbooks and reviewing bank statements: check for unauthorized charges and potential savings (e.g. insurances, subscriptions, paperless billing)

  • Organizing and creating filing systems for all relevant financial information and documents: this provides input for CPAs, tax preparers, and Power of Attorneys

  • Sorting mail and controlling junk mail: handle bills and other mailed requests in time and destroy unsolicited offers

  • Setting-up and maintaining a budget: either electronically (e.g. Quicken) or on paper

  • Tracking all income and spending: either electronically (e.g. Quicken) or on paper​

  • Preventing fraud: review credit report and monitoring accounts for suspicious activities

In case you need assistance with managing your daily life (e.g. calendar, mail, special projects), check our offering of Personal Assistant services.

​​Note: I cannot replace your financial or investment advisors, accountants, or attorneys, but as Daily Money Manager I will work together with your existing financial team.

As a member of AADMM (American Association of Daily Money Managers), I have a clean background check and follow the association's Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.


More information about Daily Money Managers in general:


So far Daily Money Managers were often visiting their clients in person and handled the work on site. But luckily technology is a tremendous help nowadays and it is possible to provide those services from a safe distance by working remotely.


SDS Smart Daily Services has been serving clients remotely already before the pandemic, so I am well prepared for this mode of operation. Here is how the onboarding process for a new client works:

  1. During a first conversation (hold as a phone or video call) we will together assess your situation and define the level of services required.

  2. Then I will work together with you through video meetings, phone calls, and emails to get all the information needed for the initial set-up, and we will define the communication channels we use for our partnership. Depending on your situation this phase includes some workshop session e.g. for setting up a budget or for analyzing your spending.

  3. In the rare case that we will need a physical meeting to proceed, we will meet outside only (this can be around your house: on your porch, deck, or in your garden) so we can keep a safe physical distance.

  4. I will get the systems for monitoring your accounts and assisting with bill pays up and running

  5. We will define the level of detail you wish to get within your reports, and I will send you those on a weekly base.

  6. In case you have information available in paper format only, we will define a safe way for the document exchange.


  • start planning your financial goals

  • save money and reduce debt

  • get rid of "money stress"