What is the best filing system for your financial documents?

A question asked by many people is how they should organize all the financial documents. Especially people not using a computer for an electronic filing system, are often overwhelmed by the amount of paper and do not know how to handle it. If you start asking different people how they do it, you will get many different answers to this question. There a various systems existing and one each claims to be the best. However, all efficient systems have one thing in common - they take a 3-step approach: Collect all the documents to be handled in a central location Process them and archive needed documents - either for short-term or for long-term storage Destroy documents not needed anymore 1. Coll

SHARE senior resource fair

SDS Smart Daily Services was one of the vendors on the SHARE senior resource fair held in the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ on May 12th, the Saturday of the Mother's Day weekend. We enjoyed very nice weather, a great location and had the occasion meeting with local people and having good discussions. A wonderful event!

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