How can paying a Daily Money Manager help you saving money?

This is a question I often hear when I explain to people what a Daily Money Manager can do for them. Of course the services are convenient, but are they also worth paying the money for it? Hiring a Daily Money Manager can actually save money because: You will stay on top of your payments, so there will be no late fees You have a second pair of eyes and another brain assisting you, so you will most likely not become a fraud victim A Daily Money Manager is checking you complete financial situation and can save you money by discovering unnecessary services or subscriptions, like paying for a cable phone if you use only your mobile A Daily Money Manager might discover if you are double insured f

Last Day of America Saves Week 2018: Saving as a Family

Elizabeth Kiss, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Extension Specialist, Kansas State University is giving some tips on how to involve children in saving activities and educate them about money management: Sometimes when children hear their parents or other adults in their lives talking about cutting spending or saving money, they assume that the family is going through a rough patch. As appropriate based on children’s ages, family conversations about money goals, including saving and spending plans, reassure children. It is also a great way to introduce (or remind) children about the reasons we save. Talking about family saving goals helps children understand that putting money aside for the fu

Day5 of America Saves Week 2018: Save the extra

We’re more likely to save a windfall than a small amount consistently over a long period of time. Hack that psychology by saving your bonuses, raises, and tax refunds. This tax season, get ahead of your financial goals by saving at least $50, and reward yourself with SaveYourRefund by entering to win one of over 100 prizes up to $10,000. Justin Chu, Program Associate, Taxpayer Opportunity Network is sharing ideas how to Make Your Tax Fund Work For You: Every year, the middle of April marks the end of the federal tax return filing season. For many Americans, that can mean seemingly endless forms, paystubs, and other paperwork. However, tax time can also be a unique opportunity for saving for

Day4 of America Saves Week 2018: Save to retire

Saving now for retirement will ensure you have enough money to have a comfortable standard of living when you stop working or reduce the amount of hours you work. Participate in a work-related retirement program such as a 401(k) or open an Individual Retirement Account (or IRA). Already saving for retirement? We recommend increasing the amount you save toward retirement by 1 percent. Another important issue is reducing your debts before entering retirement. Pay back your credit card and consumer debts and pay off your mortgage.

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